New York City's Best Desserts


So many dessert options in NYC!

During my month in New York, I made it my mission to eat as much ice cream, cake and cookies as I possibly could... and I succeeded!

Here are some of my favourite desserts.


Levain Bakery


The champion of all cookies. It's incredible how different a cookie can be from one bakery to the next. Levain Bakery has become famous for their 1-inch thick, cakey and crunchy-on-the-outside-gooey-on-the-inside cookie. For around $27 for a box of 4 cookies, you're definitely paying for a huge cookie. Our favourite is the dark, dark chocolate cookie. The cookies are the most famous but they also have a few other items, including some savoury items.

Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookie shops are littered all over Manhattan and are a cheap, fast and tasty cookie option for those not looking to trek out to a specific place, particularly if you only have a week in the City! Insomnia cookies are best eaten warm, straight out of the oven.

They have all the classic flavours - chocolate chip, peanut butter, white chocolate macadamia and M&M chip. They also do Ice Cream sandwiches!

Milk Bar


Milk Bar is what happens when you give a bakery to a talented Baker with an infectious, child-like curiosity for flavours. Christina Tosi (recently featured on Netflix's Chef's Table) has managed to create sweet treats that have joy in every bite, from her Birthday Cake Sprinkles Cake to her Compost Cookie.

Her food is fun and engaging makes you feel like a kid again. Along with her delicious cookies, she also invented the Cereal Milk Soft Serve, which is to die for!

Ice Cream

Blue Marble

Refreshing, gummy, organic and innovative... what more do you want in an ice cream! Blue Marble has become a staple premium ice cream joint in Brooklyn and their popularity has led to a delicious expansion to retailers across the city and even home delivery!

There are various 'Scoop Shops' for you visit to enjoy their myriad of exciting flavours such as pumpkin, peach, mexican chocolate, green tea and triple chocolate.

Pro Tip: If you are visiting Brooklyn between April - October you will find a Blue Marble stand (along with many other quality vendors) every weekend at the Smorgasburg Food Market.


Grom has all of the trademarks of exquisite traditional Italian gelato - it's made daily in house, they use fresh ingredients, it has a smooth silky texture, their servings are generous  and there's usually a line! Some of their most loved flavours include chocolate mango, dulce de leche and pistachio.

Pro Tip: They can fit two flavours into one small cup, so you don't have to settle on just one flavour if you've not got a big appetite! Also, people rave about their Hot Chocolate.



Another solid ice cream choice, Morgentern's has reached new levels of instagram fame for it's kooky and eccentric flavours - such as Black coconut ash, Vietnamese coffee, blueberry milk chocolate, banana curry and chocolate oat.

There is almost always a queue here and it's generally faster to opt for takeout, rather than letting your ice cream melt while you wait for a seat at the bar. You could always admire the graffiti murals or relax in the Sara Roosevelt Park nearby.


Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie

You're nearing the end of your ascent into dessert heaven! Head down to Redhook, Brooklyn for the real deal - the light, crispy, zesty Key Lime Pie. The recipe for this famous treat is widely considered to have been perfected by a guy called Steve... in Brooklyn.

Fair play to him, his pie has that zingy key lime tanginess which is perfectly balanced by the with sweetness of the buttery, crumbly crust. The Redhook shop also has a great view of the Statue of Liberty.

Pro Tip: if you don't have time to make it out to Redhook, Steve has a small stall in the City Point Shopping Centre, Brooklyn.

Chikalicious Dessert Bar

This is your one stop shop for unearthly desserts from crepe cake, cookies, instagrammable ice creams and thousand layer cakes. Chikalicious has a great tasting menu, while it is a little pricey, it's a nice way to sample some of their best desserts.

If you want more, you can always head to the cafe across the street and buy some desserts to take home and share with the family... or not.


Dominique Ansel's Cronut


The Cronut has managed to achieve worldwide acclaim, every morning their cult following queue up for hours in the hopes of getting one of the freshly baked cronuts. Unfortunately for them, the bakery usually sells out within the first 30 minutes.

What is a cronut you say? A cronut is essentially a donut, made from croissant pastry dough. Then it is filled with with a deliciously sweet new flavour every month, such as salted vanilla, apple creme fraiche and salted dulche de leche.


Pro Tip: If you only have a short time in NYC, you probably don't have time to wait in a queue the length of two blocks. Now you can preorder them online so you can waltz in at a date and time of your choosing to collect your goodies. Try to preorder them at least 10 days in advance or you'll likely miss out, their website sells out in minutes!

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