New York City's Best Bagels


NYC Bagels - Nothing like 'em!

New Yorkers know their bagels and unfortunately there are a fewer and fewer places in the city that make a world renowned bagel - soft interior with a crunchy outer crust.

Here are a few options that have stood the test of time in NYC.



Our undisputed favourite bagel shop is Ess-a-bagel. With it’s convenient midtown location, this place is frequented by some of the city’s cooking elite along with tons of locals. When you get there, you should expect to wait in a long line, but it moves reasonably fast, and figure out what you want while you're in line to help keep things moving. Once you’ve reached the counter you’ll be welcomed by a vast spread of cream cheeses and fillings, like most Appetizing places.

A favorite is Melanie's Favorite - a Jewish family's brunch staple of whitefish, lox, tomato and onion; no lettuce.

Pro Tip: There are other places in the city that do great Lox and cream cheese, so if you’re in a hurry skip the line by walking right to the back of the shop and buying fresh bagels to take away. You can buy as many hot, fresh bagels as you like and assemble it at your hotel or at the next restaurant.

Without a doubt this is the fastest way to get served at Ess-a-bagel and you'll be able to wave at the other tourists still standing in line. If you’re going to buy your own Lox and cream cheese, we’d suggest Russ & Daughters.

Russ & Daughters


Russ & Daughters is an old-school Jewish Appetizer that has been run by the same family for over 100 years! With the fourth generation of the family now at the helm, they are still cranking out their signature mouthwatering Lox, along with some interesting flavour combinations. Try their Pastrami Lox and Caviar Cream Cheese!

Pro Tip: In our opinion, Russ & Daughters do not make the best bagels, so we’d recommend buying your bagel elsewhere and using Russ & Daughters’ fillings. Though some people love the old world style bagels that require a trip to Home Depot to split open!

Murray's Bagels


Murray’s Bagels pitch themselves as the creators of the ‘crafted bagel with soul,’ we’re not exactly sure what that’s supposed to mean but they make a great bagel! You can expect all of the classic fillings and cheeses, along with an old school denser, chewy bagel with a crispy coating.

Black Seed


Black Seed is a Montreal bagel cafe chain that are littered around the city, making them convenient if you’re looking to pick up a decent bagel enroute to another attraction. Their bagels are made fresh and they offer a decent selection of fillings and flavour combinations. Another New York classic is the Whitefish and Lox bagel, which Black Seed does a great version of.

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