Must Eat Pizzas in NYC


Best Pizzas in New York City

If you're a Pizza-lover like us, you've come to the right city. As NYC serves up some of the best pizza in the world. Whether you want the traditional thin and crispy Italian base, the chewy Neapolitan dough or the Chicago deep-dish... you'll find them all in NYC.

We've listed some of our favourite spots and added some pro tips to help you feast on some great pie!

Old School meets New School: Roberta's


Looking for a delicious pizza in a supa-hipster pie joint? Roberta's is the place, if you can find it. You may struggle to find the place with it's anonymous graffitied white door, but when you do, you'll be met with a funky, cozy, bustling restaurant. And it's usually packed!

Here you'll find a modern take on the Neapolitan style pizza, cooked in a steel wood-fired oven straight from Italy. The pizza menu boasts an array of toppings to decorate it's thick pie dough without drawing the joy from its toothsome chewiness. We'd recommend the pizza that's not on the menu, the Bee-Sting. This pizza is topped with soppressata (Italian, dry salami) and sweet honey - yes, honey! And it's amazing.

Other gourmet toppings to choose from include gorgonzola, prosciutto crudo (dry-cured ham), speck and more.

Pro Tip: they also have a food cart where you can grab a slice on-the-go at the Madison Sq Eats festival in Spring and Fall.

The Celebrity Pizzeria: Lucali's


If it's good enough for Jay-Z and Bey to bump-off the Grammy's for, it's got to be worth a try! This cozy little pizzeria (and I mean cozy, there's literally only about 8 tables) can be found in Brooklyn. Critics rave about this restaurant, and we can see why.

Lucali's serves up a perfectly cooked pizza in the traditional Italian style - thin, crispy and exquisite! Lucali's offers a delicious pepperoni pizza and super creamy cheese, and is also acclaimed for it's calzone. So we had both!

Pro Tip:  Get there early! We arrived 40 minutes before it opened and were met by a queue of over 10 other groups. We weren't seated until an hour after opening! It's cash only and BYOB.

The Pizza Pilgrimage: Juliana's


Ever heard of Grimaldi's Pizzeria? Yes, well, the patriarch/mastermind of Grimaldi's old-world pizzeria created Juliana's following a feud over the ownership of the Grimaldi's establishment. Nowadays, the queue for Juliana's is just as long as that of Grimaldi's. If you want a taste of the real old-school American-Italian pizza, Juliana's has to be on your Must-Eat list.

IMO, Juliana's has the edge in the Old Fulton St Pizza War with their creamy, bubbling cheese fresh out of the coal-oven. Their toppings are precise ensuring they do not overpower the piercing tomato flavour, and airy yet crusty dough.

Pro Tip:  Midweek is quieter to avoid the queues. You cannot buy pizza by the slice, only whole pies here!

Dollar-A-Slice Pizza: Various


The iconic must-eat on your trip to The Big Apple and, incidentally, the perfect fuel-up after a hefty night out! Head to one of the many 'Dollar-Slice' joints in the city and enjoy a real NY slice that's so big you'll have to fold it in half to eat it (like a proper New-Yorker).

Pro Tip: Most of these places are open all night. They do often charge more than $1 for a slice, but they'll usually justify that with selling you a slice-and-soda deal.

You can find these virtually anywhere in Manhattan. We visited one close to Times Square to enjoy while taking in the dazzling lights of the city.

The Out of Towner: Frank Pepe's


This is one for the foodies out there as this place is just over an hour's drive from Manhattan (or 2 hours by train), but it's worth the schlep. Established in 1925 this little gem is the birthplace of New Haven Pizza, lovingly referred to as 'apizza'.

What's so special about 'apizza' you say? Okay, these guys know how to make a Neapolitan style pie.  The apizza is cooked to perfection in an coal-fueled, open flame brick oven which provides dry heat, as opposed to the steamy heat of a wood-fired oven, giving it a thin, crispy base and bubbly crust.

They've been cooking it this way for almost 100 years, and consequently Frank Pepe's is one of the oldest and most famous pizzerias in the United States, hence the queue down the street to get a table!

Pro Tip:  Don't wait in line for a table, go straight up to the counter and order your apizza as take-out, you'll only wait 20 minutes and you can enjoy your pie wherever!

New Haven Style pizza's are also known as 'Tomato Pies', which means mozzarella is considered a topping. If you don't ask for your mozza, you won't get any!