Ice Cream in Buenos Aires: Here’s the scoop!


Ice Cream. Helado. Delicious!


Helado (Spanish word for ice cream) is part of the culture in BA. The good shops are always busy no matter what time of day you visit. They’re renowned for their creamy, sweet caramel with chocolate flakes - the Dulce de Leche, but don’t stop there - be sure to ask if you can ‘tratar’ all the flavours you want and they’ll give you a generous scoop!

We stopped by a lot of Helado shops during our time in Argentina and these were our favourites.

Rapa Nui


This Patagonian heladeria has it’s origins dating back to 1948 and has a more traditional offering of Argentinian flavours. Classic flavours include Dulce de Leche, Patagonian Fruit, Glacier de Coco, Chocolate de Coco and more. As chocolatiers they also have an array of chocolate truffles to drool over.

It’s everything you want in your helado - smooth, fresh and full of flavour in the heart of Recoleta. A short 2 minute walk from Purreyon subway stop and you’re there.

Arenales 2302, Recoleta (plus other locations on their website)

Ice Cream Masters (Lucciano's)


In the super-hipster hangout, Palermo, you’ll find Lucciano's (it’s probably the place you’ll see with the giant queue). This place has much more flavours to choose from than many of other shops we visited.

They also have the helado lollipops which are extremely popular in Argentina, featuring all kinds of fun colours, flavours and shapes.

Our go-to’s were Cookies and Cream, Dulce de Leche and the White Chocolate Helado Bar (luxury collection has double chocolate coating!)

Honduras 4881, Palermo Soho

Furchi Artesanal

For a more local feel head to Furchi Artesanal, based in the upscale neighbourhood Belgrano, just a few blocks south of Chinatown.

This family run shop has been around for 50 years and offers an array of traditional and novel flavours with that classic soft and creamy texture. They have been known to have ‘specials’ such as Orange and Basil and even Irish Cream.

We had the Chocolate Blanco, which was delicious and rivalled the texture quality of Rapa

Nui.Avenida Cabildo 1508, Belgrano

Pro Tip: In Argentina you pay for the ice cream before its scooped, so go straight to the till and choose the quantity you want before telling them what flavours you’d like. You can usually select by the kilo (quarter, half or full kilos).