Bangkok Food Guide

Old Town (Wat Pho area)

ERR (Urban Rustic Thai)


The casual eatery from the folks behind Bo.Lan, but this has a different look and feel to it’s bigger sister restaurant. ERR 曼谷 is relaxed and slips into the ‘hipster restaurant’ trend. For a main course, say a curry each and a side (not including drinks), it’ll cost between 700-1000฿ each. The menu offers a mix of shareable traditional thai currys, thai street food plates as well as a variety of hotpots and grilled meats.

Our recommended dishes: satay chicken, eggplant and mince claypot, moo ping, pad krapow and the ‘Chicken Movie’.

Raan Jay Fai


Jay Fai was one of the first street food restaurants in the world to receive a Michelin Star. After famously expressing her desire to give the Michelin Star back, she remains one of only 17 eateries in Thailand to have one. Known best for her crab omelette dish, she has a variety of traditional thai dishes on the menu. Each dish price averages at about 800฿ each.

Jay Fai’s reservation email is [email protected], or you can call ‭+66-092-724-9633‬. Reservations are only available between Tuesday-Saturday from 7pm onwards and it is advisable to call a few weeks in advance. Walk-ins are 2.30pm-7pm between Tuesday-Saturday (the restaurant is closed Sun-Mon).


Pro Tip: Arrive at least an hour before it opens (you’ll still be waiting close to 2 hours to eat). Go up to the front and write name in the book and then relax, because you’re in for a long wait. We got there at 1.30pm and waited 3 hours before being seated, plus another hour til the food came (Jay Fai personally cooks every dish).

Our recommended dishes: crab omelet, yellow curry crab, fried garlic shrimp, tom yum goong and pad krapow.

Kai Yang Boran


I read about this famous grilled chicken restaurant in the Bangkok Street Food: Cooking & Traveling in Thailand book. Made popular by their juicy grilled chicken set in a small restaurant with a very old-school Bangkok feel. The menu prices average at around 100-200฿ per person. You really can’t go far wrong with delicious grilled chicken. A-roy!

Steve’s Cafe & Cuisine

This restaurant offers authentic thai food made from quality ingredients. The restaurant looks to be made entirely out of wood and feels as if it has been a staple of Bangkok long before it became the metropolis that we know today. The menu prices average at between 400-500฿ per dish and offers all of the classics you’d expect to see in any thai kitchen.

Thipsamai Pad Thai


Featured in the Michelin Star Food Guide and on the BBC Travel pages, the Thipsamai Pad Thai restaurant is right nextdoor to the Raan Jay Fai restaurant (above). The menu price for their signature dish is generally between 90-150฿ each. In our opinion, their pad thai is not ground-breaking, but they do allow you to customise the dish with the flavours you like.

Pro Tip: They open at 5pm, but get there at least 30 minutes before opening as the line is usually down the street.

Mont Nom Sod


The Mont Nom Sod franchise as become one of Bangkok’s best kept secrets. The traditional Thai toast dessert is a definite favourite amongst the locals and this place is THE place to get your toast fix. The vast menu of toppings for your toast will dazzle, but even more dazzling a whole toast serving will only cost between 25-40฿ each.

Our recommended dishes: We’d recommend the condensed milk, chocolate and pandan/coconut toppings (go early because the popular flavours do sell out). They also do an excellent Thai Iced Tea (Cha-nom-yen) and people rave about the Butterfly Pea drink in the reviews.

Make Me Mango


Here’s the place to get your mango and sticky rice fix in Old Town. The cafe is nestled down a narrow backstreet and once inside, you’ll be welcomed by a trendy little eatery stretching across 3 floors with fun hammock beds to relax and enjoy your dessert. The menu prices average between 200-300฿ per person.

Our recommended dishes: The Mango Platter (mango sticky rice, ice cream, jelly etc).

Silom (and nearby)

Convent Road


Take the BTS Stop at Sala Daeng, walk southwest a couple of blocks and you are in thai street food heaven! There is a delicious noodle street food stall at the entrance of Convent Street, you can find it here.  A bowl of noodles cost around 30฿.

There is another thai street food stall (pictured above) and it’s famous for juicy, tender Khao Mang Gai (fried chicken and rice). You can find it by following this hyperlink:

Pro Tip: Click the header for this section and it’ll take you directly to the google maps location of Convent Street.


This is a traditional laab/larb restaurant which is always popular amongst the locals. If you’ve never seen a spicy larb recipe then you can expect to enjoy a plate of minced pork (‘moo’ in Thai) fried with chilli, fish sauce, lime, scallions and garlic, usually accompanied by sticky rice. Larb is a traditional Isaan dish, so you can expect it to be spicy (‘pee-yet’ in Thai). The menu prices you can expect range from 50-100฿.

Our recommended dishes: The spicy laab/larb (obviously) and they also have a tasty coconut ice cream (‘mapow’ in Thai).

Yellow Rice

Convent Street regularly has new restaurants springing up as if out of nowhere. Having recently discovered this Indian Thai fusion restaurant, we wished we’d found it sooner! The menu offers a mix of popular thai curries along with classic indian dishes. The restaurant has a modern atmosphere and the food is well-executed with good quality ingredients. The prices average at around 200-300฿ per dish.

Somtum Der


Somtum Der sets the standard for mid-range priced Isaan food, specialising in som tum. The menu features the Isaan classics from spicy sausage and tom yum goong to fermented fish dishes. The prices average at 500-600฿ per dish. They are enjoying their popularity and have expanded to a number of locations in Bangkok and beyond (including NYC, Tokyo and Saigon). (Silom location), (Thonglorlocation)

Our recommended dishes: Isaan sausages, grilled catfish somtum and thai iced tea (‘cha-nom-yen’ in Thai).

Pro Tip: Use Chope to get discounts and deals at certain locations.



The story of Chef Anand Gaggan begins in Kolkata, India but he gained worldwide fame with his restaurant in Bangkok. Called the “Best Restaurant in Asia” by Restaurant Magazine, awarded two Michelin Stars in the first pass by Michelin in Thailand, and now #5 on the World’s Best Restaurants list 2018. He has been featured in the Netflix series Chef’s Table and is without a doubt among the world’s chef elite. The price for the taster menu is 5,000฿ per person, which includes a 20+ course meal. Our full review is coming soon.

Pro Tip: Don’t feel intimidated by the Michelin Stars, Gaggan is a very relaxed and approachable person. You don’t have to be dressed to the nines if you don’t want to.



You’ll find Gaggan’s sister restaurant across the street from the famed original Michelin Star goliath restaurant. The menu features progressive Thai cuisine with hints of Indian influences too.



Nahm is one of the more upscale Thai restaurants in Bangkok and this Michelin Star restaurant has worked it's way into the rankings for the 10 Best Restaurants in Asia for 5 years in a row. Set in amongst the grounds of the Metropolitan Hotel you can enjoy a range of traditional thai dishes in beautiful gardens. The food menu prices range from about 1500-2000฿ per person (not including drinks). In 2018 the restaurant appointed a new Head Chef and the venue has undergone a full re-vamp, we'd love to hear how you found the 'new' Nahm experience (write a comment below).

Pepper Lunch


Pepper Lunch is a Japanese chain restaurant with various locations all over Asia. Famous for their sizzling hot dishes of fried meat (usually pork or beef) accompanied by rice and a sauce of your choosing (soy or curry). The chain is very popular in Bangkok and at peak times you'll find yourself at the back of the queue to get a table. The menu prices are firmly targeted to the budget market at around only 300-500฿ per person. You can find Pepper Lunch locations all over the city, we visited the Silom location.

After You Dessert Cafe


After You Dessert Cafe found its humble beginnings in the kitchen of Kulapat Kanokwaranawan (May) where she experimented with creating her favourite Japanese shaved-ice dessert - Kakigori. In 2007 the cafe was launched and has been expanding ever since, with now 31 locations across Bangkok. For between 150-200฿ per Kakigori you can try her inventive flavour combinations as well as the seasonal flavours such as Mango or Durian. (Silom location), (Thonglor location), (Terminal 21 - Asok location)

Our recommended dishes: Thai Iced Tea or Chocolate Kakigori, if a regular size is too much food you can opt for the 'Baby Kakigori'. Their Honey Toast is delicious too, you can also get a range of other sweets such as brownies and ice cream.

Joke Samyan

Pronounced Jok, this is the traditional Thai breakfast. Similar to the Chinese rice pudding - Congee. Joke Samyan is a local diner set well outside of the tourist areas, but this is considered one of the best Joke restaurants in Bangkok. The menu prices are between 30-50฿ per dish (depending on what toppings you choose).

Our recommended dishes: Joke with pork mince, egg and the small Chinese dough sticks (called 'youtiao') that they leave on the table.

Pro Tip: The opening times are 5am-9am and 3.30pm-9pm, 7 days a week.

Street Food Lady

If you're looking for authentic Thai street food with absolutely no tourists, this is the spot to go to. It's off-the-beaten-track and you won't find any elephant pants here! The staff don't speak much english, but they do have an english menu so you can point to what you like. The 'restaurant' is a family-run place with an old Thai lady as Cook, her grandson as pot washer (and occasionally doing his homework at the shared table with the other customers) and a lady from Myanmar who is server. 

It's a short 5-minute walk from BTS Surasak and you'll find it on the corner of the road as it splits off underneath the highway (Google maps location linked for you). Each plate costs around 50-70฿ each and you'll sit alongside the locals eating under a big tent by the side of the road.

Our recommended dishes: She does an amazing Pad Krapow and you can ask for a Thai Iced Tea (25฿) and the lady across the street with her small stall will bring it over. This is the best Thai Iced Tea we found in Bangkok (and we've had many!!).

Polo Fried Chicken (Lumpini Park)


This is a popular spot alongside Lumpini Park and is frequented by both tourists and expats, it's particularly popular amongst American expats as the US Embassy is nearby. They offer a variety of traditional Thai dishes, but are most famous for their Fried Chicken! The menu prices are around 200-500฿ per person.

Our recommended dishes: Fried chicken, Morning Glory and Pad Krapow.

Le Lapin (Lumpini area)

Le Lapin is one of the biggest suppliers of 'build your own' sandwiches in the city, supplying mostly to local businesses and residents. You can register an account on their website (link to their website in the header above), select which sandwich you'd like (and your choice of toppings/fillings) and they'll deliver to your door, or office. They use quality ingredients and the sandwich prices range from 150-200฿ each.

Our recommended sandwich: Mozzarella, prosciutto and basil.

Other notables we haven’t been to but come highly recommended: 

Nana/Asok area

Terminal 21 Food Court


Terminal21 is one of the trendiest malls in Bangkok that caters to niche fashions, Thai brands and a mix of food options from wok-style to chain restaurants. For the food court, head up to the San Francisco floor, where you'll be required to get yourself a food court card called the Pier 21 Card (they're free and you can top them up when you want to use them). The food court has a huge selection of cheap 'street food style' options.

Our recommended dishes: There are some excellent vendors that serve pad Krapow and a Fruit Smoothie stand in the middle of the food court that have a great Mango Smoothie (there is usually a long line for this one and they run out of fresh Mango quickly).

Punjab Grill


The Nana area is a hub for Indian cuisine of all budgets and qualities. In the Radisson Hotel you'll find an authentic Indian cuisine restaurant specialising in tandoori cooked in the traditional Tandoor oven. The food menu prices are between 1000-2000฿ per person for around four main dishes.

Our recommended dishes: The tandoori chicken is soft, tender and juicy. The lentil curry is tasty and the naan's are excellent, if you ask they will may you go into the kitchen and see the Tandoor's in action!

Rosso di Sera


Bangkokians have been having the 'greatest pizza' debate for years, the Italian expats will tell you one place, the American's favour another and the Thai's will choose something different completely. In our opinion, this is restaurant in Sukhumvit is one of the most traditional, neapolitan-style pizza's in Bangkok. This pizza restaurant is Italian-owned and many of the ingredients are imported from Europe. The pizzas cost around 300-500฿ each.

Bonchon Chicken


Bonchon Chicken is a Korean fried chicken restaurant chain with locations all over the world, including the US, Singapore, Korea, indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. True to the Korean-style wings, they're spicy and twice fried so they're extra crispy! Bonchon's menu also features a range of other Korean favourites such as tteokbokki, bibimbap and bulgogi. (Asok location), (EMQuartier - Phrom Phong location), (Silom location), (Thonglor location)

Our recommended dishes: The mixed chicken platter, cheesy tteokbokki and french fries with kimchi salt.

Pro Tip: The Bonchon Chicken branch in EMQuartier sometimes run specials, such as the spicy chicken bao (pictured above)- which is delicious!



Ippudo is a world-famous ramen chain that originated in Fukuoka, Japan. The menu usually has set menu options which include drinks and side dish deals for around 150-350฿ each. You'll find an Ippudo in practically every mall in Bangkok, they're an excellent option for a fast, budget meal.

Our recommended dishes: The set menu option that includes takoyaki, a boiled egg, seaweed and an iced matcha drink is great value. 

Hawker Chan


If you haven't had chance to visit Singapore and try some of the most famous Michelin Star street food restaurants in the world, fear not - there's a branch in Bangkok! Here you can get a dish of the famed Hainanese Chicken and rice for 100-150฿ per dish.

Our recommended dishes: Hainanese chicken dish and the char siu and rice dish.

Dosa King


Dosa King is hidden away down a side street off Sukhumvit road and has become a 'must try' restaurant in the area, which is predominantly an Indian food district. Serving only vegetarian options, it's a nice change from the tandoori meats and the quality is excellent.



Opened in 2018 in the tourist area of Nana, Vesuvio is another pizza restaurant just trying to make it's mark on the Bangkok food landscape. They serve delicious neapolitan-style pizzas for around 250-300฿ each. Their claim is that all of their ingredients are imported from Italy and their cooks are trained in the traditional cooking methods.

Our recommended dishes: Meat and cheese platter, the Diavola pizza and sample some of the imported beers.

Jin seng


This is one of the lesser-touristed Korean restaurants along Sukhumvit, predominantly because it's not in the Korean Market near the Asok BTS station. A short wander a little more off-the-beaten track you'll find this traditional Korean BBQ restaurant inside the Manhattan Hotel. It's frequented by vistiing Korean business professionals. For around 399฿ you can get BBQ pork and they also have a lunch buffet.

Our recommended dishes: Haemul Pajeon (seafood pancake), Bibimbap, Japchae (cold glass noodle and vegetables) and marinated pork BBQ.

The Local


The Local is a traditional Thai restaurant in Sukhumvit with an upscale twist. It's featured in the Michelin Food Guide for it's range and quality of cuisine.  The restaurant is inside a traditional teak house and has a wholesome Mom's secret recipe style to the food. The menu prices are around 700-900฿ per person ordering three courses.

Chunky S21


There are many restaurants in Bangkok that claim to have the best burgers, and we discovered a few spots that served a burger worth going back for. Chunky S21 is along a side street near Sukhumvit and has a variety of burgers and toppings to choose from. While a little more expensive than expected, the burgers are juicy and charred in all the right places and the bun is unique to Chunky S21, it's worth a try! The menu price for each burger is around 350-500฿.

Street Noodles


A short walk down Soi Sukhumvit 22 in the afternoon/early evening and you'll find a number of street food stalls offering great, cheap eats. Along this street there is a small stall serving up delicious pork noodle soup.

El Gaucho Steakhouse

The famous Argentinian steakhouse has made its way to Bangkok! Although they are famous for their steaks, we enjoyed a great fois gras burger here. The quality of the meat exceeded many of the burger restaurants we'd tried elsewhere in the city. The menu prices for their burger selection range from 800-1500฿ per person.

Have a Zeed (Terminal 21)

Just outside the Asok BTS stop is the Terminal21 shopping mall, the shopping mall has various floors of restaurants and a food court. One of the many thai restaurants in the mall is Have a Zeed. This is a popular choice among the locals because it's cheap and offers delicious traditional thai food. The menu prices are very affordable at between 300-500฿ per dish.

Code Dessert Cafe

This is a creative dessert cafe that has its signature dessert is charcoal toast with traditional asian flavours. There are a number of Code Dessert Cafes in Bangkok so there are plenty of opportunities to try their unique desserts. Each dessert are priced at around 250฿ each.

Our recommended dishes: Charcoal Toast with Thai Iced Tea lava.

Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart

The Japanese love their cheesecake and now they've brought it to Bangkok. The Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart stalls are in most malls in the city and they offer a range of options from the original cheese, taro, chocolate and matcha flavours. For 50฿ each they are so cheap you can try one of each flavour!


This is one of the favourite pizza restaurants in Bangkok amongst the expat community. Its in the Sukhumvit area and conveniently located to the BTS line.

Pro Tip: Use Chope to get discounts/free pizza deals.

Bad Burger


Bad Burger is another option for burger lovers in Bangkok, particularly if you want to get a burger late at night and don't want another McDonalds or Burger King! The vegetables are fresh, the burgers are nicely charred and the cheese is deliciously gooey. They have a wide selection of burgers and their prices range from about 300-500฿ each. They’re also open pretty late.

Other notables we haven’t been to but come highly recommended: 

Phrom Phong area


Sri Trat

Another wonderful traditional thai restaurant with a hipster twist. They have a wide range of food options from northern-style dishes and thai curries. The menu prices are around 1000-1500฿ per person. This particularly restaurant is a short walk off Sukhumvit and is popular amongst locals and expats.

Our recommended dishes: Massaman curry with young durian (it's delicious) and the appetizer sample platter.

Rung Reung Noodle

Another sacred street-food pork noodle place. They're famous for their pork noodles and there is almost always a long line outside. As you wait in line you will be approached for a server with a menu and will ask you to order your noodles while you wait in line. You can customise the thickness of the noodle, the noodle firmness, the fillings (fishball, pork etc) and the flavour of the soup. The menu prices range from 50-70฿ per bowl.

Our recommended dishes: They do a great pork noodle soup (with pork mince) and a Somtum flavour noodle too.

EMQuartier Food Hall


Like many food courts in Bangkok, the food is great value and can be very authentic. EMQuatier is one of the most upscale malls in the city and their food court is home to a number of stalls offering a range of cuisines from Indian to Chinese. You won't be able to pay cash here, you can go to the information desk and top-up your Rabbit card. The Rabbit card is the card that you use for the BTS skytrain and is really worth getting even if you're just visiting Bangkok. It costs 100฿ but allows you to use it as a payment method in many stores and food places in the city, as well as getting you discounts too.

Our recommended dishes: There is a stall here serving Indian food where the naan bread is cooked in a claypot oven right infront of you, their butter chicken curry is good too. There is also a pork noodle stall that has a deliciously rich pork base.


Emporium Food Court

The EMQuartier Mall is just across the street from its sister mall - Emporium. This mall is where you'll find the department stores stocking international brands and a large sports mall. The Emporium Food Court is a larger, more upscale version of the EMQuartier's Food Court, also offering a wide range of cuisines.


Quince offers upscale international cuisine and fantastic wines! The restaurant can be found down a side street just a short walk off Sukhumvit Road. Many of the food and wines are imported, and therefore the menu prices are more expensive and each dish ranges between 700-1000฿. The restaurant is modern, light and beautifully decorated and they can accommodate large groups and they have some gluten free options on the menu.

Our recommended dishes: Iberico ham, Hummus, Spiced Olives, Scallops and the wine!

Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery


Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery restaurant has been featured in the Michelin guide and is frequently referred to as one of the best Tomahawk Steak restaurants in Bangkok. This restaurant is always busy and has a wide selection of western-style menu options. The prices range from around 700-1000฿ per dish (not including the steaks).

Our recommended dishes: Bone Marrow (pictured above) and the burger (the fries are great).

Pro Tip: Book in advance and use Chope to get a discount off your meal.

Thonglor area 

Kenji’s Lab


Kenji's Lab is a Japanese restaurant that is tucked away in a quiet little soi in the foodie neighbourhood of Thonglor. Frequented by travelling Salarymen, Kenji's has nailed its appeal with the Japanese expats and travellers in Bangkok. Their menu has a wide range of traditional Japanese dishes using high quality ingredients as well as a variety of Sakes and Japanese beers. Each dish ranges from 700-1000฿ each.

Our recommended dishes: Mentaiko Carbonara, Grilled Ongiri (rice ball) and Horse Sashimi.



Bo.Lan is a Michelin Star restaurant that is the brain child of 'Bo' a Thai chef and 'Lan' an Australian chef. The pair came together to create a restaurant that is frequently featured in Asia's top 50 restaurants and is considered to be almost on par with the likes of Gaggan and Nahm. They consider themselves to be a progressive thai restaurant, meaning that they combine traditional thai ingredients with modern culinary techniques to create a truly memorable dining experience. The menu comprises of two tasting menus with numerous courses, each at around 1000-1500฿ per person. The Bo.Lan creators also have the wonderful Err (Urban Rustic Thai) Restaurant in Old Town.

Food Corner

Just downstairs from BTS Thonglor station you’ll find a variety of street food stalls inside one building (many street food stalls are being moved into malls and ‘hawker centres’ around Bangkok in an effort to clean up the city). The dish prices vary depending on the stall, but generally they range from 50-150฿ each.

Our recommended dishes: There is a great pork noodle stall (last stall on the left side) - 50฿. On the right there is a Chinese stall that does great mabo tofu, morning glory, seabass in sichuan sauce, bun fo noodles and squid in chilli sauce. The last stall on the right side is Henry’s Kitchen.  Henry is lovely and offers a number of thai-style curry stir-fries, lemon chicken, orange sesame chicken etc. The stall to the right of Henry does a great pad krapow, green curry, massaman curry and a shrimp with garlic dish.

Pro Tip: The food court is open from 5pm til 10pm.

Supanigga Eating Room


Supannigga (pronounced soopa-nik-kah) is a traditional thai restaurant and in recent years has become a very successful chain serving the classic thai dishes that you’d expect, using modern cooking techniques to create more robust flavours. The menu features a selection of curries, salads, sharing platters and seasonal 'specials'. The prices range from 300-500฿ per dish., (Old Town location)

Our recommended dishes: You might have noticed the Crab Cakes in the markets that you might have visited, if you’ve ever wanted to try them, then this is the place to do it! Their red curry is also great. 

Pro Tip: Booking may be necessary as they get very busy.



Nobu is a Japanese sushi restaurant in the heart of Thonglor. This small sushi bar is still a 'locals secret' hangout, there have been many times I have been there alone and have been surrounded by only Japanese expats watching football or baseball on their small TV behind the sushi bar. The staff are very friendly and the food is delicious. The menu features a range of sushi, sashimi and maki options along with other traditional Japanese izakaya style plates. Each dish is around 300-500฿ each.

Our recommended dishes: Spicy tuna maki, miso soup, grilled eggplant, black miso cod.

The Commons


The Commons has become a regular watering hole for the wealthy kids of Bangkok. Accompanying the bar with delicious craft beers there is a wide range of western and asian restaurant stalls where you can find cuisines such as Italian, Vietnamese, Mexican, American soul food and thai (of course).

Our recommended dishes: Mozzarella sticks from Sourced Grocers, fried chicken from Fowlmouth and Quesadillas from Barrio Bonito.

Pro Tip: Every Saturday they have a DJ set.

Maison Kayser/Eric Kayser


Eric Kayser is a world-renowned Parisian baker that has expanded his brand globally, his bakeries can be found in Paris, London, New York City, Tokyo and more. The bread selection here good if you have a craving for some nice, fresh bread. The menu prices range from 150-200฿ a piece and this particular bakery has an adjoining cafe serving lunch and desserts.

Our recommended breads: The chorizo bread, the charcoal baguette and the honey roll. 

The Missing Burro

This is a favourite amongst the expats in Bangkok, some say it's the best Mexican in the city. I am not sure any person who really knows Mexican cuisine would entirely agree, but if you're seeking a tex-mex style cuisine this restaurant is one of your best options in Bangkok. Tucked away down a dark soi in Thonglor, you'll be greeted by fairylights that line a small garden leading to the restaurant. The menu features the old favourites such as quesadillas, fajitas, quesos and more. The prices range from 600-700฿ per dish and they close the kitchen at 10.30pm.

Kluajiangmai Authentic Thai Northern Food


There are many restaurants in Bangkok that offer traditional Isaan (northern style) thai food but often inflate the prices dramatically, as you'd expect. However, despite Kluajiangmai restaurant being in the heart of the upscale neighbourhood of Thonglor, the prices are surprisingly reasonable and the food is excellent quality. With menu prices at around 300-500฿ per dish, you can feast on a range of great Isaan dishes in the centre of Bangkok.

Pro Tip: It's a really small restaurant and there may be a wait to get a table and they also do take-out.

Mae Varee Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango

Mango and sticky rice is synonymous with thai dessert and there are many places where you can get yours in Bangkok, but few have a cult-like following like this place! Every day there is a line of locals, expats and tourists waiting to get their mango (nam-dok-mai in Thai). The store assistant is a small guy with tattoos, lots of jewellery and a stern face but trust him, he knows his mangoes. If you tell him when you'll be likely to eat it, he'll select a mango that will be perfectly ripe for when you do. The mango comes with coconut milk, different coloured sticky rice and peanut crumbs for 150฿. You can also get dried mango and durian here too (durian is subject to season - usually spring/summer).

River Market


This is a food market like none you've seen before in Bangkok, first off it has literally no other tourists and second you won't find any crappy souvenirs here. Set along the river near the Thonglor boat station (across the bridge) you'll find this tiny market crammed with food stalls from local vendors.

Our recommended dishes: We had some delicious eats here, but honestly we have no idea what they were called! The majority of the sellers cannot speak english, so take a look around and buy whatever looks good. You might be surprised by something you have that's delicious and you may not have tried under other circumstances.

Tumrhap Phuket


Tumrhap Phuket is a traditional southern style thai food restaurant. Southern thai food is renowned for its spice level (being extremely high so make sure you have a Thai Iced Tea on hand). You'll find this small restaurant on the the LG floor of the Eight Thonglor Shopping Mall, opposite Foodland and a lovely ice cream stall. The menu prices range from 300-500฿ per dish.

Ekkamai/Phra Khanong/Onnut areas 


Meatlicious is a American-Asian fusion restaurant that specialises in grilling you guessed it... meats! The menu has a comprehensive list of options with prices ranging from 1000-1500฿ each (not including the wagyu steaks. The restaurant itself is a 10 minute walk from Ekkamai BTS station and has a cozy, modern atmosphere.

Pro Tip: Booking is essential, you can make your reservation here.

Muine Vietnamese Street Food


Muine Vietnamese Street Food restaurant can be found in the modern Habito mall in Phra Khanong. You can get to the mall by using the free Habito Shuttle on Sukhumvit Road beneath the Phra Khanong and Onnut BTS Stations and it comes every 30 minutes. Muine offers traditional Vietnamese dishes but are best known for their excellent Banh Mi's. Their Banh Mi's are our favourite in the city (and we've tried many) because their meat is prepared using a delicious marinade, their vegetables are pickled just right and the baguette is crusty (but perhaps a little stiffer than the bread you find in Vietnam). The Banh Mi's cost between 500-700฿ each and they also do takeout.

Our recommended dishes: Banh Mi (number 18 - cold cuts, the pate appetizer, pho and soft shell crab dish. 

Best Beef

Best Beef is an Onnut institution, this buffet restaurant costs between 250-300฿ each. This is an all-you-can-eat (and they mean it, you get too much food) Mookata place. Mookata is a traditional thai BBQ and is generally eaten with family on special occasions, you can think of it as a mix between korean BBQ and chinese hotpot.

You get your own mini grill over coals at your table, you can order as much meat, vegetables, sides as you want for this price.

Pro Tip: It’s always really busy, you should walk up to the entrance of the restaurant and go to the ticket machine. Get a ticket and be prepared to wait for an hour or maybe more.

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